Waking Up is NOT Hard To Do

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This anthology will inspire, educate and empower readers to take their place as powerful change agents in our transforming world, and through its roster of authors, and assist readers in returning to the true essence of who they are, provide tools and resources to experience in our changing world, encourage those everywhere to "step up" to their full potential and become part of positive change! 

Anthology – Waking Up is NOT Hard to Do 

This first book of many to come is a collection of stories from Light Workers who went through a process of waking up; difficult for some, easier for others as they tell their process. You may find guidance or inspiration from these stories to help you in your process of waking up.

We have all forgotten previous lifetimes and our connection to source, but as we wake up, we start to remember.

There is a bridge to remembering, and as we walk that bridge we awaken that sleeping awareness and bring to consciousness who we are and what we are here for. Then by acknowledging the questions and answers of our journey we AWAKEN with how to use our gifts from Spirit to help those along their path. We are the Light Workers of the New World!

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